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Redding Small Business Circle Members
If you are a Redding Small Business Circle member, you get a special discounted rate. You save 20% off our standard rate, just $16 for a 4-color standard sized ad. You get a great looking ad in both our print and online editions and a 20% discount. Please see the rate sheet below for more details.

Non Members
Not a Redding Small Business Circle member? Our rates are $20 for a standard ad in 4-color in both our print and online editions. Plan on running every week? Then you should consider joining the Small Business Circle because not only do you then qualify for the 20% discount but you get access to networking events and a community of hundreds of local businesses.

We don't use contracts to lock you into a program. Our agreement is this, you get an ad in our terrific new local publication in print and online. We run it every week until you ask us to stop. We have other programs for those not looking to run every week, so please contact us for a customized quote if you need one. But we never lock you into a program that you don't want. Our great results are the best reason to keep running with us!

Regular CircleIntro
Ad Size Rate Rate RateDimensions
Standard Ad $20 $16 $12 3"x3"
Double Ad $40 $32 $24 6"x3"
Triple Ad $60 $48 $36 9"x3"
Horizontal Bar $60 $48 $36 3"x9"
Vertical Bar $120 $96 $72 12"x3"
Half Page $180 $144 $108 6"x9"
Full Page $360 $288 $216 12"x9"
Half Ad $15 $12 $10 1.5"x3"
Rates are per insertion each week.
The special introductory rates are good through December 31, 2019 for programs that start before April 30th.
Discount rates require 4 week purchase and prepayment.
Ads include FREE process color. Excessive ink charge of 50% may apply for heavy or solid-block ink usage.
Accounts more than 30 days delinquent may lose applied discounts.

Camera Ready Deadline
Please send your PDF with embedded fonts to use by 5 p.m. on the Tuesday before publication.

Composed Ad Deadline
We're happy to build your ad. Please send artwork, text and instructions by 5 p.m. on the Monday before publication.

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